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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Helpful and friendly"

"Friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help"

"Easy to get my medicine refilled, and they know what they are doing."

"The wait time"

"Ease of delivery. Fast service."

"Very fast and always correct"

"I love the small pharmacies; much more friendly and easier to get in and out of."


"The best pharmacy! Friendly, timely, and there to help!"


"Trusted pharmacist, reliability, efficiency, and dependability"

"Great service; great price"

"The customer service is excellent. Every prescription is filled promptly and at the cheapest price possible. We could not be more pleased!"

"The prices and the convenience of home delivery"

"The website is very user friendly."

"Service and cost"

"Staff is caring and helpful."

"Locally owned and managed"

"That it has an online option. This is my first time using it."

"The staff actually knows who I am and I'm not just a number. I love how friendly I'm always treated and how they are always available to answer any questions. I also like that the pharmacy is locally owned, therefore I am supporting my local community."

"Always fast. Always accurate. Great prices."

"You guys rock!!!!!"

"Mail order"


"Hometown; location; pharmacist"

"Service, pricing, and ease of doing business"

"Convenience and friendly employees"

"They are a very friendly family-run company."

"The non-commercial friendly atmosphere"

"Friendly staff"

"It is close and will deliver if you need them to! Friendly and fast service!"

"I can get my medicines promptly and conveniently. The staff is professional and efficient. Really like that I can initiate refills online."

"That I can get the right medicines fast."

"Local small-town pharmacy"


"You make my compound and sell it to me at a reasonable price. Also, you deliver!"

"I am so pleased with Cleburne Drug. The staff is efficient and helpful. Each person has a smile on their face and is always busy helping others."

"Friendliness :D"

"Good, friendly service"

"They are very friendly & very helpful!!"



"Staff and efficiency"

"They're very very helpful !!"

"They are always so friendly and will help in any way they can."

"Delivery option"

"Willing to go the extra measure to satisfy the customer."

"Cleburne Drug is the very best pharmacy I have ever used. I recommend it to all. They are efficient, friendly, and offer the cheapest prices around."

"All of the above plus delivery"

"They are always fast."

"Very good value"


"Service, whether it is delivery or at the store, is always pleasant. Also, everyone listens to your concerns and follows through."

"Efficiency, friendliness, and the trust I have in Monty who is patient with all my questions and concerns."

"Brenda Camp"

"You're in Texas, not Canada!"

"The friendly folks that work there, and they are always more than helpful! Much appreciated!"

"Best pharmacy ever; they are very friendly and always willing to help."

"The people are friendly, courteous, personable, respectful, and treat you as individuals not as numbers and dollar signs."

"Efficient and friendly staff"


"Quick delivery; customer service is great!"

"Great price for a generic version of a drug that's difficult to find elsewhere, fast service, and the people I've dealt with have always been very nice and accommodating."

"Very friendly and helpful"



"The people"

"This pharmacy always provides good customer service."

"Their helpfulness, price of Rx, KNOWLEDGE, and friendliness"


"The friendly, personalized service. The ease of requesting refills using the app."

"Friendly and efficient"

"Friendly, helpful, and professional service!!"


"Caring service from employees and pharmacist!"

"Personal service!"

"Friendly faces"


"Fast and friendly. Very helpful."

"They are fast and easy to get my medicine from."

"Great staff who are friendly and personable."


"Ability to compound opens more options to doctors and consumers."

"The delivery isn't going to sit in a hot mailbox all day; express delivery goes to our shaded porch."


"Locally owned hometown pharmacy!"

"Drive thru"

"Refills online, mailing of prescriptions, compounding pharmacy, and service"

"Wonderful folks and a real hometown feel!"

You can help Cleburne Drug by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!